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Latest West Shore Project News

Update 6th April 2017

Station Expansion - Work has recently re-started, following bad weather, on expanding the platform and laying the path to the public entrance gate. The platform paving has now been laid and the path suitably graded for wheelchair and buggy access. It is hoped to complete the paving of the path in time for Easter. Pictures of the ongoing work can be found in the Gallery.


Update 31st January 2017

Station Expansion - Work has just started on expanding the platform at West Shore to cater for two trains creating separate disembarking and embarking areas. Also an all weather better graded paved pathway is being laid from our public entrance.This will make life a lot easier for our wheelchair and pushchair visitors. A picket fence is also being erected to improve line side safety  in this area. The Society would like to thank the Llandudno Town Council for a grant towards meeting part of the cost of these improvements.


Update 24th August 2016

Track Extension Completed - Today saw the completion of our track extension with the laying of the final track panel. The outer loop was broken into 3 days ago, the new track supporting walls built and water proofed, the temporary section of walling demolished and the final section of track laid. Thanks to everyone that helped and a special thank you to our Vice Chair John Simcox and Mike Brown who designed and project managed the whole track building process from beginning to the end. John also constructed all of the track panels and laid all of the track occasionally helped by other members.  The Committee's thanks to every one who has helped along the way. Lookout for the of the first proving run video on our Facebook page.


Update 25th May 2016

Donation and delivery of Top Soil - Last Wednesday and Thursday saw the delivery of some 80 tonne of donated top soil to the site from one of Beech Developments latest housing projects. Our thanks go to the Directors and staff of Beech Developments, also Wayne Roberts Haulage for delivering the soil. Pro Dig (NW) Ltd also kindly supplied a digger and dumper along with Paul the driver who did an excellent job in depositing the soil around the site.  Thanks to both Pro Dig and Paul.


Update 13th May 2016

Progress on track extension continues - Despite again mixed weather, our surveyor taking an extended holiday to down under and the site foreman being temporarily indisposed, work has progressed with the extending of the track wall, initial building up of the surrounding ground levels and associated works. The track panels for the extension have now been completed and are ready to be laid as soon as the supporting wall is complete. It is hoped that the work will be completed towards the end of August.


Update 27th February 2016

Further progress on Phase 3 track extension - Finally following an extended period of inclement weather, last Wednesday saw the final pour of concrete completing the laying of the trackbed foundations. Some 18 members turned up to assist in the barrowing and laying down of the concrete. Good weather this weekend should see the marking out of this final section ready for block laying to take place during periods of decent weather over the next couple of months. John, our Vice Chairman, has been beavering away constructing track panels of which about 80% of those needed have been completed.


Update 15th December 2015

Progress on Phase 3 track extension continues - After a long delay waiting for a suitable weather window, the second of the 3 proposed pours of concrete required to complete the trackbed foundations of phase 3 was able to go ahead. Thursday 10th saw some 20 volunteers ready at the crack of dawn (08:30) with wheel barrows, rakes shovels etc. ready to lay about 6 cu. mtrs. (approx 20 ton) of concrete. The process took about an hour and a half. Also Alan during the day, laid more blocks, extending the walling further. A couple of photos can be found in the picure gallery. The Signal Box has also been completed thanks to Phil and Bob and looks splendid. The last section of the trackbed runs through the sandy area of the site and it is hoped, weather permitted, to be completed in the early New Year.


Update 10th October 2015

Further progress on Phase 3 track extension - The recent good weather at the backend of this summer has allowed us to get on with the track extension. Following the digging out of the trench for the foundations, the laying of the first stretch of substrate has been completed and compacted, shuttering put in place and some 6 cu. metres. of concrete laid. Latest photos of the work can be found in the Gallery. Work has also been progressing on the signal box, which is almost finished. 


Update 27th June 2015

A Second Day to Remember - Today saw the Official Opening of the West Shore Miniature Railway. The ceremonies began shortly after 2pm with the official naming of our latest locomotive purchased with a grant  from the Town Council by the Mayor of Llandudno Cllr. Frank Bradfield and Llandudno's current Miss Alice. The locomotive was named "St. Tudno". This was followed by the Vice-Chair of Conwy County Borough Council, Cllr. Brian Cossey, cutting the tape and declaring the railway officially open. The inaugural train, driven by the Societys Vice-Chair, John Simcox with Brian Dickinson as guard, took the Mayor, Vice-chair of CCBC and Miss Alice an a trip around the track. Light refreshments were available during the afternoon. Many of the invited guests and members of the public enjoyed train rides during the day. The Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all who came to support the Society on the day. Photos of the event are available in the Gallery.


Update 28th March 2015


A Day to Remember - Today the "Chairman's Challenge" was met with Dennis's "Big Red Engine" successfully running on our track at West Shore. Despite very poor weather conditions Dennis was able to successfully steam and run his Rebuilt Royal Scot around the track at West Shore. On taking up the reins of the Chairmanship his challenge to the club was to enable him to run the Scot within 60 months on the track at West Shore. The Challenge has been completed in 42 months. He said in an email to the members that "It had taken magnanimous effort, perseverance and sheer hard work from all members who contributed to the track construction ......... I am justly proud to have such a fine and dedicated membership working towards our goal."


Update 19th March 2015


Steaming Bays Update - Following a spell of better weather work on the completion of the steaming  bays has progressed. The wall to carry the track from the bays to the traverser has been completed and screed and will soon be having a paint job and the track laid (pictures again can be found in the Gallery). The section of track leading to the locomotive hoist has been completed and the base laid in readyness for the installation of the lift. The signal box is almost complete and the laying of suitable conduit for the signalling wiring has begun. Hopefully with the prospect of better weather, work will start in earnest on the phase 3 track marking out and the initial foundation excavations.


Update 1st February 2015


Further work on the Steaming Bays - The weather over the past couple of months has been  somewhat challenging at West Shore with frequent high winds, heavy rain and more recently very cold and bitter weather with a high wind chill factor. Thus further work on the foundations of the third phase of the track has had to take a back seat for now until more stable weather.  However Brian Dickenson has been hard at work fabricating the final pieces of the Steaming Bays and the associated locomotive lift and run on and off segments. Yesterday saw the completion of the steaming bay radials in preparation for the installation of the lead on and off track work (See latest  photo in Gallery). Construction of the block wall, which will carry the track from the steaming bay to the traverser, is awaiting suitable frost free conditions. Further alignment work has been taking place on the traverser in preparation of the Steaming Bay work being completed. Bob and Phil have been working tirelessly on the Signal Box and behind the scenes Frank has been continuing with the development and testing of the signalling logic.


Update 18th November 2014


The Start of Phase 3 - Our public running season this year proved to be very popular with visitors and locals alike. Donations from the public helped enormously to the continuing development of the site. We now have received a further grant towards the completion of our planned track work for the site from Conwy CBC. Work has already started on the laying of the track wall for the Phase 3 expansion and also work is progressing on the construction of the Steaming Bays. Brian is again busy constructing a locomotive unloading lift to assist members in unloading locomotives from their cars and trailers onto the Steaming Bay access track. Work has also started on the building of the Signal Box and Frank has, behind the scenes, been working hard on the signalling electronics. As usual, photographs have recently been uploaded to our Photo Gallery showing the latest work taking place onsite.


Update 16th August 2014


Phase 2 Track Completed!! - At approximately 15:50 today our Vice Chairman John Simcox had the honour of driving the first train in a complete circuit of the track at West Shore (infact he did 4 circuits for good measure, to test the newly installed traverser you understand!). A group of children and parents were also riding on the train at the time. Our Chairman, Dennis, followed by myself also drove around the circuit, again just for testing purposes :) During the past weeks Brian Dickinson, one  of our members, has worked tiredlessly to construct and fit the all important traverser (a means of moving locos and rolling stock on and off the running circuit) thus finally completing the outer circuit. Our thanks go to Brian and also to our Vice Chair, John Simcox, who has assembled and fitted all the track panels single handedly, supported by the guys who cut and made the huge numbers of sleepers required. Weather permitting we hope to see steam locomotives running on the track this Bank Holiday coming. Great news indeed. Photographs of the traverser being installed and the first runs around the loop are to be found in the Photo Gallery.


Update 27th July 2014


Phase 2 Track almost completed - A lot has happened since the last update, both personally and at West Shore. Work has progressed apace with much of the track having been laid, approximately 20 yards or so to finish the loop. The base for the traverser has been laid and Brian is finalising the construction of the movable section of the traverser. It should not be long now before we have a completed circle of running track. Since Easter we have been giving rides to the public on Saturday afternoons when the weather has permitted. Water and electricity have now been brought onto the site and work on the foundations of the Steaming Bay has commenced. A lot of hard work by a dedicated core of members has been responsible for this and the Committee again would like to thank them. Support from many other members, in various forms, is also appreciated.  


Update 2nd March 2014


Phase 2 Track Bed wall almost completed -Over the past few weeks work has progressed on the building of the track bed wall along the Trinity Crescent section of the outer loop. Work has also taken place on landscaping the exposed areas of the site using top soil from the site and also some bought in. Work is currently concentrating on the completion of the outer loop track bed foundation and walling prior to the installation of the traverser to complete the outer loop. Pictures are again to be found in the picture gallery.


Update 10th February 2014


Phase 2 Track foundations almost completed -Work last week, again under less than ideal conditions, saw the completion of the run of concrete foundation for the track running from the traverser area around the northern curve along the Trinity Close boundary to the site hut. Again the concrete was mixed off the delivery vehicle on demand into wheel barrows and barrowed into position for raking and tamping. Again many thanks to all those that turned up in such weather conditions. As a result the work was again completed in good time. There is a picture in the Gallery thanks to Keith  Jones.


Update 18th December 2013


Phase 2 Track foundations laid -Work on Saturday last under very arduous conditions saw a long run of concrete foundation laid for the track running from the traverser area around the northern curve and a good way along the roadside cutting. The concrete was mixed off the delivery vehicle on demand into wheel barrows and barrowed into position for raking and tamping. Many thanks to all those that turned up in such grim weather conditions on the day. As a result the work was completed in good time. There is a couple of pictures in the Gallery thanks to Keith  Jones.


Update 4th December 2013


Phase 2 Work Continuing -Work on phase 2 has moved on in the last fortnight with the digger being back on site for three days working on the leveling of the area to be occupied by the Clubhouse and the excavation of the traverser area and associated head shunt which will be covered to create a carriage shed. Further work has been done to level and prepare the bulk of the outer trackbed ready for the pouring of the concrete foundation. Photographs of the latest excavations are now in the Gallery. Also you can find a couple of  photos taken at the Society's recent Christmas Dinner at the Maesdu Golf Club.

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